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Seasonal Herbs and Veggies

Visit a Local Plant Nursery in Melbourne for All Planting Needs

Australian home owners who want to improve their properties need to visit a plant nursery in Melbourne for garden supplies, accessories, pots and plants. Whether a person wishes to plant tomatoes, herbs, flowers or fruit trees, a plant nursery in Melbourne suffices for every related need. One thing to consider is whether the consumer wishes to plant herbs and vegetables or a flower garden.

For the person with a small available space, a few potted herbs, tomato plants and one or two fruit trees offer ample plants for decorating a patio or balcony. Plants make backyards and patios look more attractive while giving homeowners and renters opportunities to save money. Imagine walking outside onto the patio and cutting a few parsley or basil sprigs to include in a gourmet dinner. People can make homemade pesto sauces and have plenty of lettuce leaves, tomatoes and carrots to include in salads.


Every Season is Different:

People can inquire at a local plant nursery in Melbourne about which vegetables are currently in season. Growing a vegetable garden is especially fun for a young child who learns how to care for plants while developing a fondness for eating fresh vegetables.  Consumers can ask plant nursery representatives in Melbourne for planting guides that inform them about the correct seasons in which to plant various types of vegetables.

Spring is the perfect time to plant tomatoes and cucumbers that taste so delicious when added to salads. Spinach and herbs thrive when planted in Autumn. Planting vegetable seeds at the right time helps plants resist pests. Resisting insect infestations without having to use potentially harmful pesticides is an additional benefit for the home gardener.


Get A Vegetable Planting Guide from a Local Gardening Nursery in Melbourne

Australians who want to grow their own vegetable and herb gardens can find all the supplies they need at a local gardening nursery in Melbourne. Growing a garden is a pleasant way to get free food, vitamin D from the sun and exercise. An organic garden yields many vegetable varieties offering healthy food choices. People who do not eat enough vegetables benefit from growing their own tomatoes, baby lettuces, carrots, cucumbers and green peppers. Buy and plant vegetable seeds during various seasons and experience an abundant harvest filled with a variety of different vegetables.


Growing a Few Fruit Trees in the Backyard

People with ample space can grow their own fruit orchards yielding a rich supply of apples, apricots, cherries and peaches. Home owners who learn how to can or freeze fresh fruits can save money on grocery bills during the winter. Besides the fact that planting fruit trees and vegetables help people save money, fresh produce picked directly from trees and gardens at home taste so much better than the produce purchased in grocery stores. People who have abundant harvests can consider giving some of their surplus to neighbors.


Cooking with Freshly Picked Herbs

The home chef who enjoys cooking with dried herbs will have a field day when he or she can pick fresh herbs grown in terracotta clay pots. Placed on windowsills or in flowerpots on decks, Australian homemakers can spice up meals with fresh chives and basil. Australia has changeable weather that can affect plants. Some herbs need more sun while others flourish in shaded areas. Experimenting with various herbs can help home gardeners learn more about growing these delicate plants in various weather conditions that affect Australian gardens. A gardening nursery employee in Melbourne can offer advice about which herbs thrive during different times of the year.


Gardeners can Obtain Vegetable Planning Guides

People who want to plant their own gardens at home can request vegetable planning guides from a local gardening nursery in Melbourne. The guide offers helpful instructions about which vegetables thrive during any given month according to the specific climate. Since Australian weather can destroy plants, using a guide is a useful way to prevent making mistakes. For more detailed information about planting vegetables, herbs and fruit trees in Australia, visit a reputable gardening nursery in Melbourne.

Our stock of vegetable seedings varies depending on season, and what is available to us.

Please call to check what is in stock.