Garden Supplies

Garden Supplies


Established in 1998, Aumann’s Building & Garden Supplies has been the one stop shop for your all gardening and landscaping needs since that time. No matter what you want to create, the ultimate backyard setting can be achieved with our guidance.

There is everything from mulch and soil, to pavers and sleepers to trees, plants, flowers and shrubs to fit any size garden you can dream up. We carry everything you need for your landscape, from the simple flower garden, ornaments and statues, to the more advanced landscaping plans for the city slickers and country folks.

We carry everything you need for a vegetable garden like flower beds, planting benches, fruit trees, vegetable swings, and planting bonsai. Our flower and plant bed kits are easy to assemble and come with everything you need.







Melbourne's favourite Garden Supplier

You can also find garden supplies by Aumann, including birdhouses, flower pots, planters and even whimsical chairs that light up during the night. There’s a lot of variety for every kind of garden, no matter how simple or complex. It has everything you could need for a garden no matter the size.

We offer our customers the best customer service you could ask for. Our staff are professionals who understand landscaping and garden supplies. We are always happy to help and answer questions that you may have. If you need help choosing the right garden supplies or have a problem installing it, our technicians are happy to help.


Visit us or contact our Team, we are always keen to assist.  


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Garden Soil.

We offer a full range of screened soils, including sandy loam topsoil and blended top soil. Also, we can mix a special mix to suit your needs. Our soil mix is great for in-ground or raised garden gardens. Call us to get a Garden soil price


All general landscaping materials that can be found at Aumann’s along with bulk products, including treated pine sleepers and garden edging.

Dyed Mulch.

Also available in black, red, Terracotta, and brown

Natural Mulch.

You can find large pinebark chips and fine pine mulch.


You have moisture mulch. Dig it in to enrich soil and make mushrooms.

 Pebbles, and Landscaping Rocks.

We stock one of the largest selections of landscaping rocks and pebbles in Melbourne. We have a vast amount of pebbles, garden rocks, and other larger features rocks.

Crushed Rock.

Also known as crushed rock granite. One of the most common materials used for construction and back yards, we stock numerous options.


All general landscaping materials can be found, along with great advice from our team. Materials including treated pine sleepers and garden edging are popular choices.


We offer yellow and white brick sands, packing sand (for concreting and paving), fine whitewashed sands, and concrete. Whitewashed sands are great for creating sandpits or play areas.

Building Supplies.

Cement, general hardware cement, cement concrete, miscellaneous bags and brickies’ tools, chemicals, additives, and mesh. This material is great for any backyard. We have the material and the expertise to assist you.