The Backyard Bliss hedge is a dense, glossy, green leaved native shrub with coppery orange new growth. It is insect and psyllid resistant, making it an amazing backyard plant. It is great for hedging, is fast growing, and doesn’t need a lot of pruning. As a result, the Backyard Bliss is a fantastic choice for a dense screen around pools and small gardens, or for use as topiary. This is an upright evergreen with narrow growth, making it ideal for all your hedging needs.

The Backyard Bliss will reach around 3-4m tall depending on soil conditions and can also be planted in a container. It is low maintenance and grows best in well-drained soil. Bliss is also frost tolerant once established and is easily pruned to desired height and shape. Prefers full or part sun.

Grows approximately-  Height: 3-4 Meters Width: 1 Meters

Full Sun

Part Shade

Australian Native


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