This palm is a fantastic addition to either an indoor setting or a garden.  The Parlour palm also known as Chameadorea elegans, is a lush and beautiful plant.

Parlour palm – Chamaedorea elegans

Parlour palm, as the name suggests is often seen in parlours. They are a  small palm tree native to the rainforests in Guatemala and Southern Mexico. The Chameadorea elegans is extremely popular and has high sales rates across the entire globe.  These plants grew in popularity tremendously during the Victorian era and they are also very popular in Melbourne Victoria.  They add a certain charm and ambience to any setting.

Aumann’s also have a vast range of indoor plants that you may also find interesting.

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Parlour Palms – Indoor Air Purifiers

The benefits of parlour palms are numerous if you have the space! They can be placed in almost any location in the home – the living room, hallway, corridors, even a bedroom – they’re great for creating a focal point in any room with their pretty foliage and spectacular flowers. This plant originated in South America, mostly in the state of Rocha, Mexico, and has now spread all over the world. These palm trees are very easy to grow from seed, being very drought tolerant and hardy even in high-pressure conditions, and they make a fantastic indoor plant that will grow just about everywhere. They have beautiful flowers and are suitable for almost any setting, providing they are well drained. 

The benefits of parlour palms aren’t just for looking good, though – it’s one way that they can purify your air and help your indoor air purification. They are incredibly easy to grow from seed with minimal palm care and can be replanted back into a completely new pot, so your plant will grow healthily and thrive, just ensure they have well drained soil and not too much light as they to well in low light conditions. They purify the air of any room where they are placed, which means that they will provide you with cleaner air than any other houseplants. When placed in your home, you’ll be able to remove all airborne particles and odours so you breathe less frequently with fresher air. Not only does it improve your indoor air quality, but it also helps keep your asthma and allergies under control.  The Bamboo palm is also very popular and have similar health and visual qualities. 

One of the things that parlour palms do really well is create a warm and relaxing atmosphere as they grow in a tropical climate because of their unique ability to cope with high humidity and low light. This means that they can flourish in areas where direct sunlight would normally destroy them. Because they have a large amount of foliage, they are great at balancing out direct light with indirect lighting. They like the heat and humidity on most days and when it’s not too hot or humid, they will go into a dormant state and need little attention. Because they enjoy being in hot and humid conditions, they do not require much maintenance except regular watering.

Health Benefits associated with Indoor Plants like Palour Palms 

There are so many health benefits of parlour palms that I couldn’t possibly write them all here. Some people just love to collect palms and decorate them themselves. Others collect palms purely for the health benefits and have started their own hobby collecting the beautiful plants from us at Aumann’s. But for the true greenies out there, you can start growing your own palm tree right on your terrace and enjoy the health benefits of parlour palms for years to come. If you choose to grow your own palm tree you will receive a healthy dose of vitamin C, nitrogen, potassium, sulphur etc from the fruit of the Palm.

Growing Parlour Palms is not that hard as you may think. In fact growing plants in damp conditions can actually be a good thing for the health of your plants because the humidity helps to regulate the Ph levels in the soil, which is necessary for the survival of every plant. If you plant your palm in a place that has constant humidity, your plant will thrive and develop just like a normal Palm. Place in direct sun to dry it up nicely. Since Parlour Palms like being a little wet, cover them up and let them stay in there for as long as possible.

Growing parlour palms is a popular houseplant because they are beautiful, easy to take care of, and a great addition to any garden or patio. Many people choose to use them as the focal point of their garden because of their unique looks. They look fantastic whether you choose to plant them alone in your garden or put them in containers on your deck, patio, porch or balcony. Our staff at Aumann’s are always here to help out or follow us on social media.

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