We have a large range of indoor plants stocked regularly, but availability may vary depending on the season, including the peace lily.

Peace lilies are hybrid from the Spathiphyllum genus. They are very popular houseplants and are tropical plants. When used in a cluster, an eye-catching plant, the peace lily is in full blossom during the springtime and is characterised by long flower stalks that provide a very gracefully charm. Commonly featured are oval leave that are very glossy. If well maintained, the Peace Lily can blossom twice in a year, meaning that you can enjoy many months with flowers.

Peace Lilies are ideal houseplants

Peace lilies are undeniably fantastic when used as houseplants. When placed on a tabletop, the smaller varieties look elegant and larger ones can occupy a large floor area. The Peace Lilly is great for maintaining a healthy indoor setting as it filters indoor pollutants, making them ideal for bedrooms or other domestic rooms. Gases such as formaldehyde and carbon monoxide are neutralised and broken down. The peace lily can also do well in an outdoor environment that is warm with mild winters, where they can grow up to 6 feet high.

Lighting water and soil for the Peace Lily

Soil should ideally be rich and full of nutrients, so it is best to invest in a quality potting mix. During the summer months, spraying the lily with water and mist is ideal for tropical climates. Best to keep the peach lily out of cold and dry areas, and they enjoy shady areas

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