Summer at Aumanns

Chinese New Year SALE!

Celebrate Chinese New Year at Aumann’s Templestowe with a special plant sale.

Discover the beauty of Jacarandas and Leucadendrons priced at an incredible $5 each.

Don’t miss this opportunity to bring festive and vibrant greenery to your home.

Templestowe store only, hurry while stocks last!

Choose that statement piece at Aumanns

A wide range of garden sculptures, pots, decor, outdoor furniture!

Garden Sculptures:

  • Complement their garden aesthetic.
  • Whimsical animal sculptures to add a playful touch.

Pots and Planters:

  • Unique, decorative pots in various sizes and shapes.
  • Self-watering planters or hanging baskets for convenience.

Outdoor Furniture:

  • Comfortable and stylish chairs, benches, or loungers for relaxation.
  • Decorative tables or outdoor dining sets for entertaining guests.

Gardening Tools and Accessories:

  • High-quality gardening tools or tool sets.
  • Decorative bird feeders or bird baths for wildlife enthusiasts.

Gift Cards or Certificates – available at Templestowe and Eltham stores. If unsure of their preferences, a gift card allows them to choose what they love.

Spruce Up Your Garden This Christmas!

Planning a landscape project or garden makeover? Use our handy soil & mulch calculator to measure how much mulch you need! Wanna see it in your backyard? Try our Mulch AR function on our mulch product pages. Explore our range today!