Autumn at Aumanns

Choose that statement piece at Aumanns

A wide range of garden sculptures, pots, decor, and outdoor furniture!

  • Complement their garden aesthetic.
  • Whimsical animal sculptures to add a playful touch.

Planting and gardening in Autumn in Melbourne is ideal as the soil retains warmth from Summer, promoting robust root development.

Cooler temperatures reduce stress on plants, minimising water requirements and enhancing their resilience. Autumn also allows plants to establish themselves before the harsher conditions of Winter, leading to healthier and more productive growth in the upcoming seasons.

Additionally, the lower risk of extreme heat during this time creates a favourable environment for successful germination and establishment of a variety of plant species.

Pots and Planters:

  • Unique, decorative pots in various sizes and shapes.
  • Self-watering planters or hanging baskets for convenience.

Outdoor Furniture:

  • Comfortable and stylish chairs, benches, or loungers for relaxation.
  • Decorative tables or outdoor dining sets for entertaining guests.

Gardening Tools and Accessories:

  • High-quality Gardening Tools or Tool Sets
  • Decorative Bird Feeders or Bird Baths for Wildlife Enthusiasts

Gift Cards or Certificates:

  • Available at Templestowe and Eltham stores. If unsure of their preferences, a gift card allows them to choose what they love

Spruce Up Your Garden This Autumn!

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