Terms & conditions

Aumann’s Trade Delivery Terms & Conditions

The supplier’s responsibility for delivery of goods will cease at the curbside of the job address stated. We deliver Goods to the nature strip only. Should you request that we enter the property, you will be responsible for any and all damage caused, and every injury or wrong which may result. We may refuse to enter the property to deliver, and return Goods at your costs if we consider it would be unsafe to make the delivery. Placement of an order either verbal or written, based on a quotation implies acceptance of the suppliers offer and of these conditions.

The Goods remain the property of AUMANN’S BUILDING & GARDEN SUPPLIES until payment in full has been received and the purchaser authorizes AUMANN’S BUILDING & GARDEN SUPPLIES to take whatever action is necessary to recover the Goods or the payment for the Goods.

Recovery of unpaid Goods. In the event of the purchaser not paying the full price for the Goods in the time specified on the invoice, or event of any other specified act or incident of default, the parties agree that the Vendor may in addition to all its other rights here under, enter onto the purchaser property within business hours without permission and without notice and take possession of the whole of the Goods without liability or recourse to the Purchaser in any respect whatsoever.

Aumann’s Courtesy Trailer Terms & Conditions

Aumann’s Building & Garden Supplies trailers are to be used solely for the products purchased from Aumann’s.

The borrower is responsible for securing and unsecuring trailer to their vehicle.

All trailers are fully serviced weekly and roadworthy compliant.

Aumann’s Building & Garden Supplies will not take responsibility for tarping or tie down of any load.

All trailers must be returned to Aumann’s Building & Garden Supplies within the time specified by Aumann’s staff.

Any trailers returned after the specified time given by Aumann’s Building & Garden Supplies staff will result in a loss of the customers $100 bond.

Trailers are loaded on the request of the borrower with products purchased from Aumann’s and Aumann’s will not take responsibility for over loading trailer and protruding products.

Conditional upon your use of this trailer is an obligation to pay any fine incurred during the period of your use of the trailer, including but not limited to, speeding, parking or toll fines.

An insurance excess will be payable by the borrower where the trailer is damaged and recovery cannot be made from any other parties to that damage.

The costs for any damage which results from misuse, negligence or infringement of blood/alcohol regulations will be the sole responsibility of the borrower.

In the case of accident or damage to the vehicle or property, the borrower shall be liable in all circumstances.

Trailers are NOT for hire, this is a complimentary service offered by Aumanns to their customers solely for the transportation of goods purchased from Aumann’s Building & Garden Supplies.

By signing the paperwork provided to you by Aumann’s Building & Garden Supplies you agree to all said terms & conditions.

Aumann’s Trade Return Terms & Conditions

Aumann’s Returns Policy Product Building & Garden Supplies applies to all.

Plants leave here in a healthy, nourished and watered condition and will not be refunded upon your negligence.

Aumann’s Building & Garden Supplies has a return/exchange policy of 30 days. If after 30 days you do not return/exchange the product, Aumann’s Building & Garden Supplies reserves the right to refuse a return/exchange on the product.

If you wish to return/exchange a product, you must provide a receipt for the purchase. If you do not have a receipt, you will be refused by staff and not be able to return/exchange the product.

The product must be in its original condition.

When you do NOT have the right to return a product:

  • Changed your mind and no longer want the product.
  • Ordered the wrong product.
  • Found the product cheaper elsewhere.
  • Found a better product elsewhere.
  • Were aware of the relevant fault before buying the product (such as if the fault was written on the product’s tag, or for online purchases, indicated in any photos or descriptions of the item online, or if the item was on sale.)
  • Damaged the product by misusing it – (such as if you dropped your mobile phone in water.)
  • If you used the product for a long time and the problem is as a result of usual wear and tear.