Courtesy trailers

Aumann’s Building and Garden Supplies offers free courtesy trailers for you to take home your goods.

  • $100 Bond required
  • 1 x Connection lead supplied
  • 1 x D Shackle supplied

Trailers, leads and shackles must be returned in the same condition they left in.
All trailers must be back by 5pm on the same day.
If these conditions are not met the $100 bond will not be refunded.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Aumann’s Building & Garden Supplies trailers are to be used solely for the products purchased from Aumann’s.
  2. The borrower is responsible for securing and un-securing trailer to their vehicle and for tarping/tying down their loads within the trailer. If assistance from Aumann’s staff is requested by the customer, the customer acknowledges that it is still their responsibility to check secure trailer and that Aumann’s is not liable for any damages that occur if assistance requested by the customer
  3. All trailers are serviced weekly and roadworthy compliant.
  4. All trailers must be returned to Aumann’s Building & Garden Supplies within the time specified by Aumann’s staff: any trailers returned after the specified time of 5 pm will may result in a loss of the $100.00 bond.
  5. Conditional upon your use of this trailer is an obligation to pay any fine incurred during the period of your use of the trailer, including but not limited to, speeding, parking or toll fines.
  6. An insurance excess will be payable by the borrower where the trailer is damaged and recovery cannot be made from any other parties to that damage.
  7. The costs for any damage which results from misuse, negligence or infringement of blood/alcohol regulations will be the sole responsibility of the borrower.
  8. In the case of accident or damage to the vehicle or property, the borrower shall be liable in all circumstances.
  9. Trailers are NOT for hire, this is a complimentary service offered by Aumann’s to their customers solely for the transportation of goods purchased from Aumann’s Building & Garden Supplies.
  10. By signing the paperwork provided to you by Aumann’s Building & Garden Supplies you agree to all said terms & conditions.