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Blood and bone is a natural fertilizer that is rich in nutrients and minerals. It helps improve soil structure, drainage and aeration while providing a slow release of nutrients to plants. Blood and bone also contains phosphorus, which is essential for plant growth.

Using blood and bone in your garden will help improve the health of your plants. It will also provide them with the nutrients they need to grow and thrive. Blood and bone is an excellent way to add organic matter to your garden and is a great alternative to synthetic fertilizers.



Organic Fertilisers Assist with Plant Growth

Garden plants require nutrients and a blood meal will work wonders for garden soil and established plants.

Bone Based Fertiliser & Organic Fertilisers Benefit Overall Plant Health

Top soil and any other product that will benefit the garden’s soil structure and promote healthy plant growth should be used in your garden and beds. 

Organic Material and Soil Conditioner Boost Plant Growth 

Strong root development is essential for a healthy garden, potting mix should cover every square metre of your garden just before the growing season.  Strong root development should be a priority for your garden plants and a good potting mix or blood & bone will prove to be valuable. 









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