Bush Mulch, also known as Tree Loppers Mulch, is a fantastic budget mulch that can vary wildly in texture and colour. Bush Mulch is made by chipping tree prunings, including branches and leaf matter. Aging in part of the process of creating Bush Mulch, which allows the mulch to properly compost, providing your garden with extra nutrients.
This budget price mulch breaks down beautifully, feeds your garden, assists with weed control, and aids moisture retention. It is also an excellent choice for native gardens due to its natural appearance and how well it blends into the environment. Available now at Aumanns Garden Supplies.

Barks/Mulch per cubic metre (m³)

*Please Note: Yard products such as pebbles, rocks/stones, toppings, sands and mulches are natural products.  Therefore, any dust, dirt, mud, size, texture & colour variation is unavoidable. We recommend customers order entire quantity required at initial time of purchase. We do not guarantee different batches will be an exact match in colour, texture or size.

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