Winter at Aumanns

Winter gardening in Melbourne presents unique challenges and opportunities due to the temperate climate. Here are some tips to help you maintain a healthy garden through the colder months:

Planting Winter Vegetables
Winter is an excellent time to grow a variety of frost-resistant vegetables. Suitable choices for Melbourne’s winter include broad beans, peas, cabbage, spinach, and turnips. Other good options are beetroots, onions, garlic, and leeks.

Soil Care
Maintaining healthy soil is crucial during winter. Add organic matter like compost to enrich the soil and improve its structure. This helps retain moisture and provides nutrients for plants. Mulching with straw or leaves can also protect the soil from erosion and reduce weed growth.

Protection from Frost
Frost can damage plants, so it’s important to provide some protection. Using row covers or garden fleece blankets can shield plants from freezing winds and slight temperature drops. These covers are affordable and reusable, making them a practical choice for winter gardening​.

Watering needs decrease in winter as plants grow slower and the soil retains moisture longer. However, it’s crucial to avoid watering during freezing temperatures to prevent root damage. Aim to water on sunny days when the soil can absorb moisture before temperatures drop at night​.

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