The Chinese evergreen will make for a great houseplant that can lighten dark spaces. They also grow well in tropical gardens with shady borders. Eileen uses a lot of creamy-white spots on her deep green leaves to brighten the dark. Eileen will also clean your air of toxic chemicals and toxins, which is a nice gesture.

Benefits of the Chinese Evergreen Plant

Aglaonema is a flowering plant genus in the arum family, native to tropical and subtropical Asia, including New Guinea. These plants are also known as Chinese evergreens. They are highly ornamental and can be found throughout the world. To learn more about this fascinating plant, read on. This article will introduce you to Chinese evergreen, and teach you about its unique features.

Aglaonema is a slow-growing plant with oval-shaped leaves. It thrives in low indirect light and must be given bright, indirect lighting to maintain its vibrant colouration. The Chinese evergreen is relatively expensive and can thrive in low to mid-indirect light. Its glossy, lance-shaped leaves grow up to 12 inches in length and are very attractive. Aglaonema is a beautiful addition to any room.

The Evergreen requires low light

Since Aglaonema requires very low light, it is a good choice for office settings without windows. However, this plant is better suited for locations in partial shade. The best indoor location for growing Aglaonema is near a window facing the east. Direct sunlight can burn the leaves. For optimal results, place them near windows in the eastern direction. Aglaonema’s foliage is also very attractive.

Chinese Evergreens like warn temperatures

Unlike other types of plants, The Chinese evergreen Aglaonema do best in 65-80 degrees of temperature. They also thrive in high humidity environments. For best results, choose a shady room or a low-lying area. Make sure to mist the leaves with a water mister. You will be happy you did! Aglaonema is one of the easiest houseplants to care for.

Some further information on  Chinese Evergreen Plants

Like most varieties aglaonema plants prefer moist soil but will tolerate dry soil, moderate watering is required and please look out for root rot. When growing Chinese evergreen, make sure to place them in indirect sunlight, they can tolerate low light and like most indoor plants prefer low light conditions.  They are versatile and can also be used as garden plants and as the plant matures you will notice dark green leaves and vibrant foliage, a mature plant grown indoors will be protected from cold drafts and cold temperatures, look out for spider mites and brown leaves. This variety with its dark green colour makes a nice change to varieties that produce flowers.



Aglaonema commutatum ‘Eileen’ – Chinese evergreen

DESCRIPTION: Leafy glossy foliage plant from shady tropical Asian forests. The leaves are heavily patterned in cream and green, with a few pink accents.
USES Ideal container plant for indoors or outdoors in well-lit rooms. This plant is ideal for underplanting in tropical gardens.
PLANTING Place the plant in a  spot with indirect sun and frequent irrigation. Plants prefer well-drained soil and a high quality potting mixture.
CARE Water the soil regularly for the first 12 weeks. Only water if it seems dry after that. For vibrant leaves, apply a slow-release fertiliser once a year and a liquid feed once a month. Pruning is not necessary. Simply remove the old leaves to tidy up.
HEIGHT AND WIDTH: 30–60 cm H x 30–60cm W.
YOUR PLANT: These tube-stock plants are healthy young plants with new roots and will quickly establish themselves in your garden. Your plants will average between 15-25 cm in height, including the pot height of approximately 80mm high by 42mm wide.

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