Aumann’s Compost is beneficial for all garden types by helping soil retain moisture and absorb nutrients required for a healthy back yard to flourish. Garden compost is known to reduce the spread of pests and disease in a garden thus helps improve plant growth and health. It also promotes healthy root systems, inhibiting runoff.   This product is $70 per cubic meter.


Soils per cubic metre (m³)

*Please Note: Soils and Composts may contain foreign matter.


Healthy Soil requires Composting Materials

No need for a compost bin or a compost pile in the garden as Aumann’s takes care of all that for you, A compost pile looks unappealing and it takes time to develop a compost pile, so it is much easier to buy from us. The key is carbon rich materials as these composting materials such as garden clippings, kitchen scraps and general yard waste will work wonders for your garden soil. 


Finished Compost requires Carbon Rich Materials

Typically most people will use grass clippings, food scraps, or coffee grounds, even fresh grass clippings and fruit and vegetable scraps are used for the best organic matter. 


The Composting Process Needs Organic Matter and Green Materials are Idea

Aumann’s knows organic waste and garden waste is great as it is full of nitrogen rich materials and these types of organic materials will produce a healthy compost pile ideal for your garden.  


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