15 Large Indoor Plants That Are Easy to Care For

With Australians spending more and more time inside, it’s little wonder we’re in search plants that bring the outside indoors. An easy way to do this is with large, stunning indoor plants that not only rebuild our connection with nature but also provide a myriad of health benefits for your home as well. A twin study conducted by the University of Melbourne and RMIT found that filling your home with plants can improve the air quality by up to 25%. This creates feelings of relaxation, positivity, inspiration, and remove toxins from inside the home.

The same study also found that the size of the plants is also important when it comes to the plant’s ability to improve your home. The bigger the leaves and root system, the better. Below are our 15 favourite large indoor plants that are easy to care for and perfect for your home.

large indoor plants

1: Rubber Plant

With gorgeous, robust glossy leaves and the capacity to grow nice and big, the rubber plant is the perfect indoor plant. It is not only a beautiful plant but it is also incredibly hardy. The large, glossy leaves are perfect for purifying the air in your home of nasty toxins. Rubber trees are one of the most forgiving, low-maintenance indoor plants as they can easily endure a little neglect. Keep them thriving with some bright, indirect light and a good watering once a week.Bird of Paradise

2: Bird of Paradise

These plants boast stunning, paddle-shaped leaves that are gorgeous and glossy, and brings a jungle vibe to your home. It adores bright light and can handle a location in your home that gets full sun. And with enough sunlight it will reward you with its spectacular blooms from which the Bird of Paradise gets its name. But even without its flowers, the Bird of Paradise is a stunning indoor plant and perfect for any home.

Olive tree large indoor plants

3: Olive Tree

While commonly thought of as an outdoor tree, olive trees can be an impressive indoor plant if placed in a spot where it gets lots of light and direct sun. you will need to rotate your olive tree so it grows evenly as it will naturally reach towards its light source. An olive tree can grow enormous indoors so you might want to opt for a dwarf variety if you don’t have a lot of space. Well-draining soil is important, so ensure its pot has plenty of drainage and the water is allowed to drain freely.

Philodendron Cutleaf Philodendron Swiss Cheese Plant

4: Swiss Cheese Plant

The swiss cheese plant or monstera is one of our favourite plants and grows to be fabulously large. This beautiful green, indoor plant can get huge so make sure there’s plenty of room so it can stretch out and grow. It thrives in bright, indirect light and, like a good water once the top layer of soil is dry. It will need a stake to provide it some extra support and you will need to wipe the leaves down regularly to keep them dust free.

Kentia palm - Howea forsteriana

5: Kentia Palm

Another fabulous large indoor plant, the Kentia palm is fairly slow growing. This large, indoor plant requires a bit of nurturing but it will reward you with beautiful, sculptural foliage that makes a real statement in your home. With some patience, the Kentia palm will grow to become one of your favourite indoor plants (even though we aren’t meant to have favourite children!) when it comes to repotting, this palm prefers to be left alone rather than moved from pot to pot. You should use well-draining soil to avoid root rot and bright, indirect light though they will tolerate slightly lower light conditions.

Schefflera large indoor plants

6: Umbrella Tree

Often overlooked, the Umbrella plant is a large, hardy, and beautiful indoor plant that can grow into a stunning indoor tree. Named after the umbrella-like formation of the foliage, the umbrella tree is easy to care for and can provide colour with some variegated options if you’re looking to add pattern to your indoor jungle look. Keep it in bright, indirect light and be sure to rotate it regularly to ensure its even growth.

large indoor plants

7: Heart-Leaf Philodendron

This trailing, lush plant may not be the first thing you’ll consider when it comes to choosing indoor plants. But give it time and those tendrils can be trained to trail across walls to create a cascading effect or down banisters. Some people even train heart-leaf philodendrons over clear hooks on a wall to create a beautiful green sculpture. The stunning heart shaped leaves unfurl with a beautiful copper hue that develop into a deep green. It prefers bright, indirect light and water once the soil dries out.

Euphorbia trigona

8: African Milk Thistle

If you like cacti and other prickly plants, the African milk thistle is perfect. It prefers a spot where it receives lots of light and even some morning sun. It is an awesome, large indoor plant that features thin, spiky stems lined with rows of smaller leaves that grow like chandeliers from the main stem. This succulent is an exotic addition to your plant collection. Make sure you water it deeply and allow the water to drain away easily and ensure the plant is allowed to dry out before watering again. The African milk thistle can be re-potted once a year if you want to encourage growth.


9: Fiddle Leaf Fig

Reaching 5-6 feet in height, the fiddle leaf fig is a great indoor plant is perfect for rooms and offices alike. It has stunning, large, light green leaves with slender, waxy, and dark foliage. This plant creates a bold statement in any room and pairs well with its surroundings. It’s no wonder the fiddle leaf fig is such a popular plant among plant owners and makes any indoor space more welcoming.

Fishtail Palm

10: Fishtail Palm

With leaves that mimic the shape of a fish tail, this plant grows in clumps but attains good growth with the right care. The fishtail palm reaches up to 6-8 feet and loves to stay near a bright source of sunlight. This ensures they grow well and they will continue to look good. Fishtail palms make an excellent plant for beginners and experienced plant owners alike.

best indoor plants

11: Dragon Tree

With this fantastical name, the dragon tree does not disappoint. Growing to at least 5-6 feet, it features beautiful, scale-like leaves in bright shades of green, the dragon tree truly offer foliage that rhymes with its name. this plant can grow incredibly tall indoors and makes for a great corner plant. If you’re looking for a quirky plant that will not only make a statement but will also clean the air in your home, this is the perfect indoor plant for your home.

12: Ponytail Palm

Reaching an incredible 9 feet, the ponytail pal makes for an eye catching addition to your home. While it is called a palm, this eye-catching, elegant houseplant is actually a succulent. It is an incredibly easy to care for plant, making it perfect for beginner plant owners. And it is slow growing, so you won’t have to worry about it spring up to 9ft overnight!

Norfolk Island Pine

13: Norfolk Island Pine

Though not a true pine, the Norfolk Island pine still looks like a true pone and reaches nearly 8 feet. Place this gorgeous plant near a window where it will get some sun and bright, indirect daylight so it will grow healthy and strong. For those going for a cottagecore or hygge look, the Norfolk Island pine is the perfect option for your home.


14: Yucca

Yucca is a tough plant and can survive a little neglect if needed, making it ideal for beginner plant owners. It can survive for several weeks without water. Yucca plants can grow large very quickly if given sufficient light, reaching up to 6 feet in height. Make sure you allow the soil to dry out between watering as Yucca don’t like to sit in moisture.

jade plant

15: Jade Plant

The jade plant is a classic house plant and part of the money plant family, meaning they are not only good luck but also part of good feng shui. This pretty succulent is easy to grow and requires very little care. It generally starts at a very small sizes and takes time to achieve its impressive 6 feet indoors. We recommend that you avoid pruning it to ensure it grows healthy and tall.

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