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*Please Note: Soils and Composts may contain foreign matter.

Fresh Mushroom Compost is Great for Garden Plants

Mushroom compost has been used for thousands of years as it helps maintain healthy garden soil.  peat moss can also benefit the garden in the same way mushroom compost does as they both hinder the spread of weed seeds.

Increase Plant Growth in your Vegetable Garden

Salt sensitive plants and vegetable gardens seem to really benefit from the organic materials, the mushroom compost will improve the  soil and supplies nutrients to the soil surface, it works in a very similar way to a compost pile

Alternative Mushroom Composts are Great for Organic Gardening

Let your plants thrive and maintain a healthy soil moist surface, your garden will see an increase in germinating seeds, Aumann’s spent mushroom compost is a great soil conditioner. You will find most garden plants really benefit from mushroom composting, especially young seedlings, native plants, fruit trees and lastly your garden beds

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