Do your garden and environment a favour by using our Premium Garden Soil to restore and maintain your tired garden beds. Fertilisers alone won’t bring a garden back to life. You need a good soil to help supply your garden with the environment and nutrients that it needs. And premium garden soils are the easiest way to add the needed organic matter back to your garden. This garden soil is ideal for a wide range of plants, herbs, fruits, and vegetables. It can also be used to create new garden beds, pot fresh plants, or replenish old ones. This is a quality growing media with proven results. Further, it contains our unique blend of quality soil, organic matter, and more to support healthy and vigorous growth in a range of plants. This ready to use rich, premium garden soil is available now. Contact us today for further information or drop by our store and let us help you take your garden from good to great!

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*Please Note: Soils and Composts may contain foreign matter.

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